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Corona Times Photo Booth Photography Activity for Kids

So today I sat down with t my kids to prepare an example of creative and photography activities that can be fun to do with the kids these days.. And without noticing, I really enjoyed it too :) And they did too ..

So.. Anyone that would like to spice up their home Corona time is welcome to use this idea and share it with friends. The first collage is dedicated to Corona :) But .. The idea is to create humorous accessories like hats / mustaches / ties and so on and also things that we love and characterize us, for example: musical instruments, Favorite food like: pizza or ice cream, cellphone or computer, camera and so on .. Anything that comes to mind that is part of our life. Just draw it, color it, cut it, glue on wooden sticks, make a pose and shoot (on a clear background) .. Anyone who is challenged with drawing. can be inspired and copy from the Internet, and for those of you who do not have thick papers at home, this is an opportunity to reuse cornflakes boxes and help the environment (just saying ...) Simple amusing activity wish with lovely products .. Good luck!

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