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How to Create a Fine-art Photography Backdrop in just a few simple steps and a low budget?

If you would like to create a fine-art backdrop in order to upgrade your studio photography, this one is for you. A few simple steps to make a beautiful backdrop on your own using a small budget :)

You will need:

A protective plastic sheet

Canvas fabric

Duct Tape

Primer for acrylic panting

Acrylic paint

Paint roller+extension pole

A Sponge


Cover the floor with protective plastic sheet

Secure it with a tape

Lay the Canvas Fabric on the plastic sheet

Secure it with a tape

Apply few coats of Gesso primer for acrylic painting on the fabric, using a paint roller and an extension pole.

The primer creates a sealing layer on the fabric and allows painting the fabric with minimal observation of the paint.

Let it dry for at least few hours.

Once dry, apply few layers of the color of your choice.

I created two backdrops using:

one liter of Dark grey

one liter of dark green

and in addition:

one liter of white in order to be able to mix and create different

shades of the color.

I applied the color with paint roller and a little bit with a sponge, just played with it.

Allow it to dry for a day before using in the studio.

Good luck!

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